Katie Allred

Jun 09, 2016 / Leadership, Small Groups

Why Should I Lead a Small Group?

There are plenty of reasons not to lead a small group – they require time, energy, and sometimes a lot of grace. However, there are many compelling benefits that make the experience of leading more than worth the investment. Whether you are a small group leader who needs to be reminding of your importance or […]

Katie Allred

Jun 02, 2016 / Small Groups

5 Basic Small Group Ground Rules

Does your small group have ground rules? All relationships have ground rules. Small groups are no exception. Even if you have not formally established the ground rules for your group, members likely perceive a set of guidelines. Unfortunately, conflict can result when different people have different ideas about what conduct is expected in any group, […]

Katie Allred

May 26, 2016 / Small Groups

5 Things You Should Be Discussing in Your Small Group

Small groups tend to fall into one of two categories. Either they are quiet and speak only when asked, or they veer from the course so often that a bystander would never guess the original topic of conversation. Some groups even have members from both factions. Neither of these extremes is ideal for a Bible […]

Books for Small Group Leaders

Katie Allred

Top 5 Books for Small Group Leaders

2015 was a great year for small group ministries. Many churches are beginning to embrace the small group path of discipleship while those with existing small group ministries saw them flourish. 2016 is shaping up to be another breakthrough year, both for small group ministries and the people who comprise them. Because of the growing […]