Katie Allred

Jun 09, 2016 / Leadership, Small Groups

Why Should I Lead a Small Group?

There are plenty of reasons not to lead a small group – they require time, energy, and sometimes a lot of grace. However, there are many compelling benefits that make the experience of leading more than worth the investment. Whether you are a small group leader who needs to be reminding of your importance or […]

Katie Allred

Jun 02, 2016 / Small Groups

5 Basic Small Group Ground Rules

Does your small group have ground rules? All relationships have ground rules. Small groups are no exception. Even if you have not formally established the ground rules for your group, members likely perceive a set of guidelines. Unfortunately, conflict can result when different people have different ideas about what conduct is expected in any group, […]

Katie Allred

May 26, 2016 / Small Groups

5 Things You Should Be Discussing in Your Small Group

Small groups tend to fall into one of two categories. Either they are quiet and speak only when asked, or they veer from the course so often that a bystander would never guess the original topic of conversation. Some groups even have members from both factions. Neither of these extremes is ideal for a Bible […]

Books for Small Group Leaders

Katie Allred

Top 5 Books for Small Group Leaders

2015 was a great year for small group ministries. Many churches are beginning to embrace the small group path of discipleship while those with existing small group ministries saw them flourish. 2016 is shaping up to be another breakthrough year, both for small group ministries and the people who comprise them. Because of the growing […]

Scott Magdalein

May 12, 2016 / Small Groups

Seven Reasons to Join a Small Group

When the Bible was being created, literacy was pretty low. Most people worked with their hands in the sun, not at desks with words on paper. So, for people to engage with God’s Word, it had to be read to them. The Bible was designed with that in mind. Paul even admonishes Timothy to commit […]

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Someone Joins Your Small Group

Katie Allred

May 05, 2016 / Small Groups

5 Awkward Moments in Your Small Group and How to Fix Them

Some small groups flow as smoothly as a river, while others seem more awkward than a middle school yearbook. Most groups are a mixture of the two, with quality interactions broken by occasional moments of awkwardness. Awkward moments are not a sign that you are failing as leader or that the small group is not […]

Katie Allred

Apr 21, 2016 / Small Groups

5 Habits of Highly Effective Small Groups

So much of success in life depends on how you handle the details. Often, your character and your outcomes are both a product not of large decisions, but of little choices and habits that happen on a daily basis. This is especially true of discipleship in church communities. If you look at the little habits […]

Katie Allred

Apr 14, 2016 / Small Groups

5 Foolproof Ways to Encourage Growth in Your Small Group

Growth is an essential part of every church ministry. You want to touch as many lives as possible and encourage discipleship among members. However, many small groups stagnate at a comfortable size. Why mess with a good thing? The aim for growth is one of the factors that set small groups apart from a normal […]