The Small Group Platform

StudyChurch is the perfect way to keep your small group engaged every day of the week!
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Simple and Effective Tools for Small Groups

Write Lessons

Write your own small group material whether that be companion lessons or a full blown study.

Share Answers

Interact with the lessons by answering questions and then starting conversations on each others answers.

Start Discussions

Discuss anything from the group's main page and be sure to tag members or the whole group so they are notified of the discussion.

What is StudyChurch?

StudyChurch is a group engagement platform for small groups who want to study the Bible together. Think of it like a Facebook group where your members can interact with each other. But StudyChurch is so much more than that.

It is a whole system built around your lesson material. As a group leader, you can create custom material that your group can engage with online. As they answer lesson questions, they will be able to interact with each other's answers.

It's a way to keep connected throughout the week while encouraging each other to spend more time studying the Bible.

Watch this video for a walkthrough of the software. The demo starts at the 1:47 mark. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!


Here's your new toolbox

Create custom material for your small groups
Collaborate with your groups on study questions
Online messaging. Forget email!
Manage group assignments
Quick activity stream view of group conversations
Much more coming soon!

Small Group Tips and Advice

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Someone Joins Your Small Group

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Someone Joins Your Small Group

By Katie Allred | March 24, 2016

Growth in a church small group is almost inevitable. If your group is providing a meaningful and educational experience, members will bring guests or tell people about it. However, not every guest is a good fit for your bible study group. Whether you have a solid group dynamic or are still working on developing the […]

Five Tools Every Small Group Leader Needs

By Katie Allred | March 17, 2016

Are you a small group leader? Do you find it difficult to create a strong bible study for your small group? In order to help out other small group leaders, I have come up with a list of five tools that I feel that every small group leader needs. 1. Bible This one should be […]

hosting a small group

10 TIPS for JOYFULLY Hosting a Small Group (and anyone, really!)

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Hosting a small group is an opportunity to grow in faith while serving others. This is an opportunity not just for study, but for growing in faith through discipleship, mentoring, and creating meaningful connections. Here are ten tips for hosting groups of all kinds with joy that will infect both your life and the lives […]

First Small Group Meeting

10-Point Checklist for Your First Small Group Meeting

By Katie Allred | March 3, 2016

Is your church pursuing a vibrant small group culture? Have you decided to lead? What do you do next? While the first meeting of a small group Bible study is often intimidating, it will be much simpler if you follow this simple ten point checklist. 1. Ask for God’s blessings. No successful endeavor has ever […]

Choosing a Small Group Location

Where Is the Best Small Group Location?

By Katie Allred | February 25, 2016

Where should we host our small group? Choosing a small group location and coordinating schedules can be a challenge. Here are a few places to consider for a small group location along with the pros and cons of each. 1. On Campus Many churches host small groups on a regular schedule, and prefer for them to be […]

Is Your Small Group Dying? A Few Tips for Turning It Around

By Katie Allred | February 18, 2016

All small groups have times when they are engaged and times when they are less so. However, it is possible for a group to become so divided that it is a poor environment for spiritual growth. There is good news, however: recognizing that your small group has issues is the first step to solving them. […]

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