Why Should I Lead a Small Group?

There are plenty of reasons not to lead a small group – they require time, energy, and sometimes a lot of grace. However, there are many compelling benefits that make the experience of leading more than worth the investment. Whether you are a small group leader who needs to be reminding of your importance or a person considering getting involved in small group ministry, consider the following benefits.

1. Opportunities to learn how to lead.

Matthew 28:19 commands us to lead other people to the Lord, but this is often easier said than done. Leadership requires practice and chances to develop your skills. Small groups are a venue for you to learn to become the leader that Christ calls you to be.

2. Helping other people grow in Christ.

Discipleship is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a leader. You have a chance to help other people grow closer to the Lord. You can study with them, challenge them, and pray for them. Not only does this help them along their walk with Christ, but it also helps you grow as well.

3. Accountability.

Small groups are a form of accountability for many people; as you develop relationships with others and share your challenges, they will inspire you to make good changes and hold you accountable for these. This is even more true of the small group leader. Because you are leading the group, you will be held to an ever higher standard of Godly conduct and be expected to set a good example.

4. Creating a Christian community.

Many Christians in the modern world are lacking a solid faith community. There are churches in every town, but people often fail to connect. Small groups are a chance to build that community that many fail to get in church. People can meet in person, online using programs such as StudyChurch, and begin to build bonds that last a lifetime. Small group leaders should be proud that they are helping to build a much needed sense of community among the faithful.

5. Modeling the importance of small group leadership for others.

While taking on the leadership of a small group is an investment of time and energy, it is time well-spent. Whether you know it or not, there are people in your life who look up to you, whether they are your children, your spouse, your friends, or even coworkers. When other people see that you are willing to put in the effort to help others, they may be inspired to do the same. You can be a part of creating a culture that cares more, serves more, and pays it forward.

There are many unique blessings to be discovered in leading a small group, both for you and for the people you are leading. The only way to find out what fruit this will bear in your life is by taking the leap and doing it.

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